3 Easy Tricks To Losing Weight

Losing weight is never an easy task – just ask anyone who’s ever tried. You’ll be told stories of disappointment, small triumphs, and a whole lot of sweat. But what if there were a few easy things you could do to help boost your weight loss efforts? Things that didn’t require hours of sweat at the gym or “feeling the burn” until you want to cry?

1 – Meal Replacement Shake

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A meal replacement shake is an effortless way to load up on nutrients and ditch a few calories. If you get one high in fiber it also keeps you feeling full long after you’d normally be reaching for that bag of potato chips or the chocolate bar hiding in your desk.

There are a lot of meal replacement shakes out there, but my personal favorite is choco lite slim. It is made with organic ingredients and has plenty of fiber to keep you feeling full. Choco lite slim tastes pretty good too.

2- Lots of Water

You hear it everywhere, from your doctor to your television set: drink more water! I don’t mean to jump on the bandwagon here, but water really is incredibly important. You may not realize that when your body doesn’t get enough water it retains what it does get. This is what everyone calls “water weight.” By drinking more water, you can flush that extra stuff out of your system. This makes you look thinner and more physically fit.

Another benefit to water is that it helps to curb your appetite. Often what we think is hunger is actually thirst. Before you eat, try drinking a bottle of water. If you’re still hungry after ten minutes, you’re actually hungry. You’ll be surprised, however, at how often that hunger cue goes away with a little water. 

3- Fiber Is Your Best Friend

I briefly spoke about fiber already. It helps to keep you full, yes, but it also helps keep your digestion system regulated. When everything is in working order, you can shed more than a few pounds of stuff that had been built up over time.