What’s That Smell?

Smelly plumbing issues in the home are embarrassing but occur more often than you might realize. There are a number of causes of smelly plumbing. Some of those issues are simple while others need the expertise of a skilled plumber to resolve. When is it time to call a plumber maple ridge expert? Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of plumbing smells penetrating through a home.

Missing Sewer Trap Plugs

A sewer smell lurking throughout the home is not a smell that anyone homeowners wants, even for a short period of time. When missing sewer traps are experienced due to an improperly sealed septic tank, gases are loose and can leak into the home. Although it is cheap to replace the plug, it does require a plumber.

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Area Drain Problems

There are many issues that could cause the area drain to malfunction or dysfunction. When it happens, it is a cause for concern and needs immediate attention to repair. In either situation, it could cause the need for a P trap to repair. The smells from an area drain problem are present outside, but nonetheless of concern to any homeowner who wants full enjoyment of their home.

Dried Out Water Barrier Trap

The barrier trap prevents public sewer gases from leaking into the home. If the trap becomes dried out, it can cause the barrier to become defective and cause the smell of the sewer gases to seep into your house. This is an issue that occurs more often than many people realize. This is a problem that occurs most often in homes where water isn’t ran on a regular basis, but can occur at any home.

Sewer smells are disgusting and embarrassing and there are many reasons why they might penetrate inside of your home. The issues above are among the most common of the reasons. The smells may also cause health problems, especially in children, elderly people, and those with asthma or severe allergies. Prevent worry by phoning a plumber Maple Ridge professional at the first smell. A plumber can quickly remedy the problem and get the smells out of your way.